Friday, 24 September 2010

Corp infiltration and hostile takeover - a report (part I)

I made up my mind about infiltrating another corporation some time ago. I needed a break from stealing people's stuff in missions so I wanted to try something new. Sneaking into another corp, making friends, searching their forums and corporation configuration for weak spots, and figuring out how to abuse it was a challenge. Also it's very ninja-esque!

After spending a few hours in various ingame recruitment channels and forums I found a target. A small missionrunning/industrial corp with 30-odd members. Team-oriented and laid back atmosphere, looking for mission runners, miners, haulers, traders, producers, and PVP pilots. And a huge wall of text in their corp description about how nice they are, how much they like teaching new players, and how they want their players to be loyal and honest.

I figured being a kleptomaniac ninja makes me fit in perfectly so I sent their CEO a mail:

Your advertisement
From: (my alt)
Sent: 2010.09.07 18:33
To: (their ceo)


I noticed your ad. The description sounds very interesting. I mainly did mission so far but I'd like to broaden my horizon. I haven't dealt with industry yet but I am willing to learn. I am very good at scanning.

Some questions:
-What kind of missions do you fly? (EDIT: Need to know if my alt fits in)
-What kind of PVP do you do? (EDIT: Experienced pvp pilots or scared carebears? I also checked different killboards and found almost nothing.)
-Is it possible to contribute with ideas and suggestions? (EDIT: The more they like new ideas, the more likely they'll give me roles soon)
-I like teamwork so I'd like to join other players often. (EDIT: Much teamwork means meeting many players quickly. Easier to gain trust)
-Is there a public chat so we get to know each other? (EDIT: Check their members' age, see what they talk about, how active they are, etc.)

Thanks a lot, hope to see you soon,
(my alt)

A few minutes later I received a private chat invite from their diplomat. A real girl called Anne as it turned out. She answered all my questions, invited me to their public chat, and after I dallied a bit with her she told me to hand in an ingame application. "No, we don't want any API info. You're very likeable, I have a good feeling. You'll have a good time with us!" - "Yes, I think I'll fit in nicely. You'll come to like me!"

Tee-hee! =)

To be continued...

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  1. scop spai best spai.

    sap their stuff and loot their wimminz! or something like that.