Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Making friends

TEARS is really booming lately. From an almost pure salvaging collective we broadened our horizon and are now involved in almost all things criminal in New Eden. And we receive feedback from many more or less happy customers.

Credit for this evemail goes to ninja April Rainier

jerking off
From: SEA Elder1
Sent: 2010.10.25 01:34

was kiled by amember of ur corp
offered bogger off
enjoyed it kiling weak
were smal so
but i offered him til tom twelve a 2000 men alliance
.even this he didnt agree o..

wot i want is 130 mill for the ship i lost
and the stuff he stole- AFTER i said him
all over
please gimme a notice of how u usually deal with those _'issues'
alliance will war deck u 3month
if one of us is offended or even attacked 6 months

last offer to april rainer was tomorrow 12

i wait

Uh, this is serious. Luckily fellow director JordanParey is very good at adapting to other peoples thinking and speech.

Re: FW: jerking off
From: JordanParey
Sent: 2010.10.25 05:28

u offer tomorrow twelve a 2000 men alliance wardeck
to April Rainier for poppin ship
130m rite?
we dont have 130m give to you or stuff stolen
have luck find other corp with isk

find other corp take money and wardeck with alliance
we ar all no isk

i wait your reply

Suddenly Ninjas Director
pain of having idiotic corp members
From: SEA Elder1
Sent: 2010.10.25 11:57

i have a friend running an alliance with 28 corps

ur corpy behaved like an idiot iv already talked to a friend im thinking of paying him 350 mill toa 3months war declaration
wot u goin to loose is surely more money than 350. they wld see it as alliance war training he said.
think u wld loose more than 350 as well if they attack u.
1 positive thing is that u communicated normally. in contary to rainier

so u gave u a chance and me to think abouts it

he stole the things of my wreck even thats the minimum to get those things back to me if u have no isk as u said

So giving back the stolen things and a reasonable offer from ur side to rethink abouts it. as i lost 3 expensive rig
stolen things and half a megathron are ok for me this isk u have as 225 men corp.

the decision making process in this alliance if their gonna war deck u for 350 is going on already
so react quick as possible please each offence or attack to me or one of my corp members will be another 3months war deck i offered rainier and u hereby

stolen things back as gauss guns and mediation repairer and a raw megathron is beond ur argumentation of having no isk cos the war will cost u surely more react quick !

sea 1
Re: pain of having idiotic corp members
From: JordanParey
Sent: 2010.10.26 07:28

pls not wardeck we poor is why we steal an lootsalvage
you pay 350mil for 130mil ship you have more money we not rich no buy ships
we can make rig tho tell me which one?

i donno corpman still has stole things he try buy new freggate ship today.
i not make promis i maybes not able keep. also sorry for type my english not so good i from small town lithuania
isee if i finmise i maybes not able keep

To be continued...

The next one comes from fellow ninja EpicZA. One day he and a friend were bored so they decided to go to a wormhole and yoink some things. Like a POS, fully faction fitted T3 ships, things like that. The former owner, however, is not amused:

Z > so after im done making every single person you know IRL rage quit, im going to come after you
Z > you can make it all stop, give me back everything you took
Z > otherwise, gibbo, cc, caba, tubmels, they are going to suffer for your actions
Z > then im going to come after you
Z > cc is about to loose his toon, you can see the war dec
Z > you think hes going to take that ligightly cause I dont
Z > enjoy your real life when folks in your home town are pissed at you over a video game
Z > :)
> haha dam you really are pissed hey
Z > nope mate, im not pissed at all
> well by taking it out on people who had nothing to do with?
> that sounds over the top
Z > no matty see that is justice, im going to mkae you hurt
Z > then im going to make you quit
> you got screwed over in a game which is revolved around screwing people over and you clearly cant take it
Z> I told you I was a bad person and I am, and the people who would stop me they are mad enough to let me do it
> how do you think the guy felt about losing his pos
Z> no matty im going to screw you over
Z> yea matty, but I trusted you and that's the diffrence
Z> you weret an enemy and now you are
Z> you have 6 billion worht of shit
Z> simple word matty, betrayal
> im not going to measure my e-penis with you Z, shit happens.
> in a game that is all about betrayal????
Z> not epeen matty
Z> you had the first guy today show up at your house, PISSED
Z> you think hes going to be the last
Z > hope it was worth it
> yeah i did
Z> how many folks do I know in your home town
> the fact that you involved a game with my personal life is sad
Z> have fun getting a pizza when the guy next to you in angry about a vedio game
Z> hey matty did ya thing I was going to let you go
Z> cc suffrered
Z> who's next matty
Z> remember matty its just a game
> i know it is
> so havent you taken it a bit far
Z> when all your mates rage quit because of you, because you fucked up, one by one----
Z> when they suffer because of you
Z> enjjoy
Z> then im going to come after you
Z> keep you camped in station
Z> then your mate epic, his tears iwill be the best
Z> already got the first pod of many to come
Z> look at your corp history and then go look at the directors corp history
> and then?
> wet myself?
Z> no < > there are a lot of folks comming after you
Z> after your mates are done quitting first
> i guess you better hit those L4's then
Z> please CC just gave me 2 billion to hunt you down with
Z> I dont need isk,
Z> see matty MAFIA, you know what that means already dont you :)
> yeah :) it got you pretty good?

If you are in a big 0.0 alliance, this is your time to expand. Because, you know, your neighbour alliances are most likely on the move to highsec right now, hunting ninjas...