Friday, 6 August 2010

Go to lowsec! Coward!

From the EVE-O-forums:
Ok, I've had it with this game! I don't know anything about PVP because I don't WANT to know anything about it. A short time ago I was running a mission in a high security area, minding my own business and salvaging my wrecks when I suddenly noticed a red flashing ship and reflexivly lock target and attack, only to realize its another player who it turned out had purposely scanned me down to my mission area and looted one of my wrecks which turned them "red" to me, which I knew nothing about before as, mentioned already, I know nothing about PVP (or its tactics) and don't want to know.

I fully support other people's choice to enjoy PVP (with others who want the same) but I also expect the same support for my own choice not to engage in it. I had thought that down the road I may get into it , but just not yet. And if any missions took me into LoSec space, I'd be willing but would actually equip my ship to take into account possible gankers where I might at least be able to warp out if needed.

But in a High Security mission area, I had no such equipped ship nor was anything dealing with PVP even on my mind when this coward that is too afraid to go to LoSec space to PVP but instead hunts in HiSec mission areas for unprepared and unsuspecting players who don't understand what the hells going on till its too late and their millions of isk worth of tech II gear and battle cruiser have been trapped and vaporized and looted.

I realize this game is geared towards PVP but people like that punk shouldn't be able to access others mission areas to bring their PVP attempts against others who want nothing to do with it. The very way they went about it shows they were knew the players in the areas they were hunting would not be equipped nor prepared nor willing to PVP with them knowingly.

Instead, they were too chicken-crap to go to areas others would take them on willingly or to places that at least people who entered them were aware of the chance for PVP.

In any case, I've got a load of frigates, cruisers and a strip miner plus millions of isk and other tech II gear thats just going to rot because quite frankly I've had enogh with the way some of the players in this game act and the way the devs leave the game designed so they can get away with it.

I know the lack of my monthly payments won't matter to CCP but I can only assume there have been, and will continue to be, others who feel the same as I do and maybe one day enough will say the hell with it to actually make CCP take notice and actually get some changes made but, until then, in the immortal words of Eric Cartman...."Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home!"

This is something we're reading quite often. "Go to lowsec or 0.0 coward!"
Not only is it more fun and often more profitable, what those highsec bears fail to realize "piracy" means fighting and stealing from people who do not want to fight in the first place. It's not a warcraft battleground where people who want to fight meet and shoot each other. At least for me "piracy" and being a villain means stealing as much valuables with as little risk as possible. Did you ever watch a pirate movie where the pirate captain didn't engage the fat galleon full of gold but sent a letter to the navy instead, asking for a fair fight "tomorrow morning at sunset?"

We are criminals for god's sake, not pvp addicts looking for fair duels.

Thank you Felicity Doomsayer for the find.


  1. Hello Kitty Island Adventure just gained a new player.

  2. Yes, I don't have a lot of sympathy for the high sec mission runner in this case. It should be very obvious which are mobs/NPC rats, and which are PC griefer/pirates.

    At the same time, I have to say this idea of pirates not crying when they don't get their way is far from universal. It isn't hard to find a pirate crying about unfair docking games or haulers fitted to bust through blockades.

    I say man up and help the original poster find a way to enjoy the game in the manner that he wants. Clearly he doesn't understand that he can do what he wants to do, he just has to pay attention.

    I guess what I want are pirates who are good gamers first and want to promote gaming. They can be an ass of a pirate in the game, but like any gamer, they should promote the game.