Saturday, 23 May 2009

Becoming famous!

When I logged in today I noticed something unfamiliar. I had to check twice but it's true: Someone wants me so badly he put a bounty on my head! \o/

This is my first bounty and I have been wondering when it would finally happen. Maybe I owe it to Mr Scandere?

It was just the day after I wrote about my recent customers and the lack of more expensive ships in my region when I entered yet another system with three or four people in local. Following the usual routine I warped to my scanning spot when suddenly a Myrmidon battlecruiser appeared on scan along with some wrecks in a belt. Without thinking twice I fired up the warp drive, activated defensive mods, and initiated the warp disruptor.

Within seconds the asteroids came into view, along with the Myrmidon and a flight of small drones. I was so excited about my luck! The target quickly resolved and the warp disruptor caught Mr Scandere who was pounding away at an Angel Commander. Activating my microwarp drive I set a close orbit of 2000m and once within range six autocannons began to grind into the enemy battlecruiser's armor while two medium energy neutralizers sucked his capacitor dry.
Suddenly everything went pretty fast. I expected high damage from the Myrmidon's drones so I sent my own warriors after them first. At the same time the local population exploded when ten or so people jumped into the system. A trap? A quick glance at the enemy ship's status indicated he was already deep into armor. My own ship was barely scratched but my capacitor was almost empty.
Usually I do not have any cap isues at all with the fit I use on my Hurricane, but this time I was a bit distracted by scanning for enemy reinforcements so I just deactivated the neutralizers, sent all drones to finish of the Myrmidon, and hoped for just a few more seconds.

Reinforcements never came and the enemy gang left the system as quickly as they had come. When Scandere's ship exploded in a flash of light and the wreck quickly drifted out of range I finally noticed the reason for my empty capacitor: I had left the microwarp drive running!

Mistakes like this make me realize how important it is to stay calm even when something unexpected happens.
However, this fight is a good example of why I love flying solo in lowsec also: With neither a backup fleet nor a scout to provide intel it can be win or lose each time I warp towards a potential victim. I like the unpredictable!

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  1. Congrats on a nice kill! I have yet to try piracy in anything bigger than a T1 cruiser.
    When you feel like it, convo me and we can do something together as I usually stay nearby, in the Amamake/Egghelende area.