Sunday, 3 May 2009

An introduction

Ahoy stranger! Take a seat, help yourself with a mug of grog and enjoy your stay. Is this yet another Eve-Online pirate blog you ask? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Only time will tell.
Of course I am going to write about the incredible adventures Scopique is going to hurl himself into, hopefully with a lot of pew pew. On the other hand, I am going to use this log as some kind of golden thread for my career in this great game. My life as a pilot has been bumpy at times. A bit of this, a bit of that. I tried a mining alt (for a very short while!), did some missions, have been in pve corps, we joined an alliance and so forth.

Ever since I started playing Eve however, I have been attracted to the life of piracy. Maybe it's the audacious and dangerous atmosphere that's linked to it. Maybe the number of highly entertaining pirate blogs I stumbled upon caught my attention. For various reasons, I have often been distracted from my goals, but this time of struggle is coming to an end now. By writing down my ideas, my plans, my musings and the outcomes, I will hopefully be able to focus on my goals.

Last but not least the world of Eve is a harsh one. Being solo without any rules and responsibilities is tempting, but it can be tricky also and it might be a good idea to have some likeminded friends. I hope to meet such pilots in space, either inside or outside of all the well established pirate corps. Usually pirates don't love each other. Every wreck is a source of income and there is nothing to give away for free. But there also seems to be some camaraderie among pilots even though they are not linked by a corp or alliance. On one day they shoot eachother, another day they are good friends. Writing about my interweb spaceship experiences will hopefully help me establish some contacts.

Edit: Hurray for my first post! \o/
I just noticed I created a blog that is pronounced "". What a tongue twister! A good start? Oh well! :)


  1. Hey, welcome to the EVE blag-o-sphere. Looking forward to whatever combat reports and related posts you're soon to offer.

    If you're still around and looking for a home come three weeks from now, I'll look you up. I run a small operation that may be just what you're searching for as far as your PvP fix goes.

  2. Hey m8, welcome to piracy and blogging alike! I'm a relative newbie at both myself, but I'm glad to see you found my blog as well :D I'm sure we'll have lots of similar tales!

    And you are right about that tongue-twister of a URL - I definitely won't be trying to send anyone your way over Vent when I'm inebriated :P

    Good luck and have fun flying! I promise to think twice before attacking you should I see you first ;)

  3. Thank you very much for the hearty welcome guys.

    Sard: As I wrote in the evemail, your offer is really awesome. I am sure I'll keep in touch.

    Luc: I am currently scouting around to find a nice system to set up my base, but unfortunately your area is already pretty much crowded so it's unlikely we meet very often. On the other hand, never say never!

  4. Hey there! Just noticed you were following my blog so I'm following back :)

    Being also a PvPer I hope we may get to shoot at each other, and have fun while doing it :))

    Fly dangerous o7