Monday, 15 February 2010

Pendulum of LOL

Pendulum of Doom Declares War Against Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Sent: 2010.02.07 16:21

Pendulum of Doom has declared war on Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service. Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.
People declare war on us quite often. This might be related to some not so happy customers but in this particular case I suppose Pendulum of Doom just wanted to collect some trophies for their killboard. They are a mercenary alliance consisting of one corporation - The Filthy Few.
Being brave ninjas we did what we often do. We shrugged and went on stealing other people's stuff anyway. Unfortunately (from their point of view) many ninjas like a nomadic way of life. We often stay in a region for some time and move on as soon as the missionrunners get used to us. Furthermore we like cloaky ships and use safespots and anchored caches for ammo and loot in space so when those guys finally brought themselves to come over to our headquarter and camped a station for some hours, they didn't see much action.

However, during the following days they roamed New Eden tryinig to find ninjas but as it turned out they hardly ever found one. A corpmate encountered a small group of wartargets at a gate once while hauling loot to Jita but for some reason they didn't manage to catch his t1 hauler nor did they follow him.

Props for the funny campaign name though. ("Tears for Queers", looks like they deleted the campaign from their killboard since no ship has been destroyed during this war)

Alliance mate Sal Pheebu had some nice conversations with one of them when he was checking his contracts before heading off to work in the morning.
Yuller > well Sal where is that big bad pvp alt?
Sal Pheebu > We're ninjas. If I told you, it would defeat the purpose.
Yuller > what ever cupcakes
Sal Pheebu > Of course, you aggressed us, so we should be asking where your big bad PvP fleet of very expensive T2 ships is, and whether we're ever going to see it in Dodi.
Yuller > if all your gonna do is sit here shit stick i guess you'llmiss the fight
Sal Pheebu > I'm not sitting. I'm checking trades. :) I do that standing up. Better for the circulation.
Yuller > planet 1 shit stick
Yuller > me and you
Sal Pheebu > Typical merc. One size fits all. If your name calling didn't get me to undock in my battle-iteron yesterday, what are the odds that approach will work this time?

For me it was business as usual most of the time. Wartargets showed up in different regions every now and then but were offline during my (EU timezone) hours for the most part.

It was a rather uneventful evening in HEK. I was in my salvage Vigil zipping through missions picking up loot when I met Aromoro in his Brutix. Level 4 missions with battleships usually provide better loot but missionrunners in battlecruisers often like to shoot me which is always a welcome change.
So I grab loot from the very first small wreck, and sure enough the Brutix locks my frigate, opens fire, and launches a flight of mixed drones. Taking heavy damage I warp off to a celestial. Once out of warp I immediately turn round and head back into the mission. The Brutix is still here and locks me again. He shoots. I warp off. Out of warp, turn round, warp to him. Lock. Shooting. Warp off but this time I change ships. When I come back he again starts shooting but this time I am in a Sleipnir command ship.

enterap > wow
Cineva > hm... you can get bamed for that languege, you know that?
Aromoro > FUCKING SCopquie jumped my mission and blew up my SHIP
Scopique > Sad story
Aromoro > fuck you takes a great player to trounce a newb faggot
Aromoro > if you were any good you would be flying real mishes instead stealing for me
Scopique > A newb? Your char is older than me. Or did you ebay him?
Aromoro > you ass is ours now
enterap > wow
Scopique > yeah sure
enterap > guys no fighing
Aromoro > no I went offline due to the faggot gate camping
enterap > show some love
Aromoro > just restarted a week ago
enterap > we got to love to live people
SpyS1mon > rofl
Fuldi > lol
Cineva > is a E bay guy clearly

Only half an hour later. The loot is salvaged, my Vigil repaired, and I got myself a cool beer from the kitchen. I warp into the next mission with a Hurricane. Another battlecruiser. Is he going to shoot also?
When I arrive there are a lot of wrecks but only one that hasn't been looted yet. Zooooooooooooooom! Overheating my afterburner I arrive just in time to grab 100 light missiles (worth almost nothing) from the small wreck.

Warp off
Warp back

No tears unfortunately, but all the salvage from his wrecks adds to my pile.

Wartarget Yuller jumped into HEK several times and searched the stations for me. I never had to dock though so after a while he gave up and left. After four days they retracted the war. I hope no one actually paid them for hindering us from salvaging.

Pendulum of Doom Retracts War Against Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Sent: 2010.02.11 01:21

The war between Pendulum of Doom and Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service is coming to an end. Pendulum of Doom has retracted the war against Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.

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  1. Sounds like you've been having fun!

    It's almost making want to rat up my sec enough to give it a try myself.