Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bitter online vet

From: Scopique
Sent: 2010.01.31 00:12
To: SoulPyre,

hi mate,

I just noticed I looted reports in your mission. I only want loot to sell but this looks like a mission item. I do not want to ruin your mission so I left it in a can. Sorry again.


Obvious trap is obvious. SoulPyre is 8 months old and still in his starter corp. He just finished his mission when I warped in and there was also another guy in a Dramiel salvaging. When I arrived SoulPyre left and the Dramiel locked me. A salvaging alt? I didn't bother with the wrecks but took the mission item instead.

Re: Reports
From: SoulPyre
Sent: 2010.01.31 00:15
To: Scopique,

i left b/c giantjack also warped in and he has a habit of griefing people by holding their ships hostage. thx for leaving the reports

Uuh. Griefing people in missions is mean. Don't do that!

Some minutes later, he returns.

SoulPyre > i came to pick up my mission reports
Scopique > yes
SoulPyre > would you please just let me go?
SoulPyre > iave already had a bad day with people attacking me
Scopique > for 20mil i will
SoulPyre > fine

Scopique > here you go o/
SoulPyre > pleave just leave me alone from now on, i just want to do missions in peace

Scopique > why don't you join a corp? there are so many corps out there for missions. being all alone all the time must be boring?
SoulPyre > ive played a few other mmo's and ive gotten sick of guild/corp drama's
SoulPyre > im just taking a lil break from people i guess? =X

Poor guy. But why is he playing a multiplayer game for 8 months if he can't stand other people in the first place?


  1. Drama and politics bullshit is a primary reason why I formed RANSM. Additionally, it's nice to play with people, not necessarily together.

  2. ((Yes and then you put RANSM into an alliance, causing Drama.))

    Nice to see you updating Scop, good story. You make much isk Ninja-ing missions?

  3. Psh drama didn't involve myself or the corp fu.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. Yes, the flow of isk is very good, both from selling salvage and loot and from ransoming missionrunners or mission objectives.
    What's more important though is we're really having fun here. TEARS is a great alliance without drama but a very laid-back way of flying.